Monitor Printer Ink State via SNMP, port/snmp trap?

Hi there,

I want to get the ink state from my printer (Epson, can be any other printer) and later write it regularely to a chart.
Problem: I do not get information via SNMP from OpenHAB directly

My OpenHAB is installed on a Synology DS216play.

I’ve read the following articles:

My tries:

  1. If I use standard port 161 => [hab.binding.snmp.internal.SnmpBinding] - SNMP: snmp not initialised - aborting request => As described in the binding documentation

  2. If I change port to 162, it throws me an error:
    [hab.binding.snmp.internal.SnmpBinding] - SNMP binding couldn’t listen to

  3. If I use e.g. port 12345, there is no SNMP information

I thought about the described SNMP trap but do not find e.g. Nagios for Synology or another SNMP trap installation.

cfg file is on default
Tried 2 different items

Number Lvl_Black1 “Lvl. Black [%.0f %%]” { snmp="<[192.168.XX.XX:public:.]" }
Number Lvl_Black2 “Lvl. Black [%.0f %%]” { snmp="<[192.168.XX.XX:public:.]" }

Tried also with described but I do not have 1 or 0 => percentage of ink state

Sitemap file is very simple for the moment:

Text item=Lvl_Black1
Text item=Lvl_Black2

Can I change the port from my Epson printer?
How can get it running? Any ideas?

Did you add “snmp1” to your services.cfg to install the binding?

Can you post some screenshots of your MIB browser maybe?

I installed SNMP Binding via Paper UI so there was no need to add cfg file

Here is a picture of some Values that I tried:

Epson printer error will be solved Epson printer in error state issues after attempting the above described techniques. However, if you still have problems with it or are unable to try any of the techniques, you will need to grab the help of members of the Epson Printer Support group at once.