"Monitoring changes can only be done on local camera. "

Hallo, since some weeks i have recognized that my netatmo welcome camera does not stop the monitoring when i come home or starts it when i leave. Now i took a look into the openhab log and found this:

[andler.capability.SecurityCapability] - Monitoring changes can only be done on local camera.

events.sendCommand("NetatmoxxxxxWelcomeCameraFlur_State", "OFF");

Ein Switch linked mit
netatmo:welcome:xxx:yyyyyyyyyybe5d385:yyyyye434f:status#monitoring (Switch)

My openhab server is a root server on the internet with a vpn connection to my home. Some weeks before (or was it before the last netatmo binding update?) it was running well.

Why do i get this error and how i can disable it?

Thank you.

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The code of the binding contains

    public void changeStatus(@Nullable String localURL, boolean status) {
        if (localURL == null) {
            logger.info("Monitoring changes can only be done on local camera.");

So I would assume that locaURL is null.
Documentation of the binding says

Local Url of the live stream for this camera (accessible if openhab server and camera are located on the same lan.

So without further checking ( or further knowledge ) I would assume that openhab and camera are not located in the same lan …?

This securty impact was not in the old netatmo binding.
My openhab-Server has 4 IP-Adresses, 3 VPN und it own, one of the VPN-IP-Adresses is in the Lan of the camera. And i do not want to view a stream i want to (de)activate the monitoring. The live snapshot can i see in the openhab item detail panel.

Are there any news here? I encounter the same problem when toggling the monitoring state via rule. My camera and the OH server are within the same network, I can ping the camera from the OH server, so this should not be an issue, right?

My workaround is:

Openhab-Rule: Call a script for switching camera on and off

ExecCmd.executeCommandLine(Duration.ofSeconds(30), “/etc/openhab/scripts/openhab-nwflur-off.sh”);

In the .sh i call a php script


  // https://github.com/KiboOst/php-simpleNetatmoAPI
  // https://github.com/damanujan/php-NetatmoCameraAPI

  $Netatmo_user = "xxx";
  $Netatmo_pass = "xxx";
  $Netatmo_app_id = "xxx";
  $Netatmo_app_secret = "xxx";

  require(dirname(__FILE__) . "/splNetatmoAPI.php");

  $_splNetatmo = new splNetatmoAPI($Netatmo_user, $Netatmo_pass, $Netatmo_app_id, $Netatmo_app_secret, 0);
  if (isset($_splNetatmo->error)) die($_splNetatmo->error);

  // change Presence or Welcome monitoring (use either 'on', 'off':
  $_splNetatmo->setMonitoring('NW Flur', 'on');