Mono-stable switch in UI

I successfully installed a Fibaro FGS-222 switch and configured it as a mono-stable switch to open my garage.
The sitemap configuration is also working fine, but on the UI I still have a bi-stable switch which didn’t jump back after a certain time.
Is there a way to configure also the UIs to show mono-stable switches?

Please apologize if this question is a dump one, I’m new to this amazing OpenHab project.

For that you can use the expire-binding

maybe autoupdate=false will fix it?

Hey @homeJoe,
I have done something similar. With a combination of mappings and autoupdate=false you can have a mono switch, that can always be triggered.


Switch item=garagedoor mappings=[ON="Open"]


Switch garagedoor  "Garage door" <garagedoor> { exec=">[ON:open door script]" , autoupdate="false"}

You need to replace exec=">[ON:open door script]" with your command to open the garage door.

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Hi hr3,
it works with the expire-binding if I don’t configure the switch as mono-stable.
With a normal switch it works now as wanted. Thanks.