Monoprice 4-1 Sensor - Battery Level

i added a Zwave Monoprice 4 in 1 Sensor into my setup tonight. The device paired easily enough and I have gotten Temp and Humidity levels to show up. But I can’t seem to get the Battery Level to show. Does anyone see anything wrong with the item? Its shows linked to the channel in PaperUI and Habmin. Just can’t seem to the battery level to show up.

Number Sensor_Hallway_Temp          "Temperature [%s]"                      { channel="zwave:device:1587fb1d72a:node25:sensor_temperature" }
Number Sensor_Hallway_Humidity      "Humidity [%s]"                         { channel="zwave:device:1587fb1d72a:node25:sensor_relhumidity" }
Switch Sensor_Hallway_Motion        "Motion"                <presence>      { channel="zwave:device:1587fb1d72a:node25:basic_sensor_binary" }
Number Sensor_Hallway_Battery      "Battery [%s %%]"                         { channel="zwave:device:1587fb1d72a:node25:battery-level" }

I also tried with [%d %%] but also does not want to show up.

Just wanted to post back that the battery level showed up this morning in a site map.

So appears it reported Temp, Humidity, and Motion right away, but the battery level didn’t want to show up for several hours.

I bought 3 of these, and the 1st one I configured is working very well. But can’t seem to get the 2nd one yet to switch over to Fahrenheight temp. I"m told it can take over an hour for that changeover yet never changed overnight.

If you’re using 2.4 M4 or newer (ie after the recent changes were merged) then it should not matter as the UoM will sort this out for you. No matter what units the device reports in, the binding will know, and the framework will convert this into whatever units you have configured for your locale…

Thanks, I just set that to US Imperial in the setting and will look for it change over.

And then hope to incorporate some motion rules later today when get some more free time here.