Monoprice Whole House Binding - Communication_Error/Reconnection failed/Status Offline

Hi, I am using the Monoprice 10761 Amplifier, 39261 Matrix or Dayton DAX66 Amplifier binding with OH3 ( openHAB 3.4.1) setup on Docker (I have set up a separate OH3 on Openhabian on a RPi3 to see if I was just having an issue with Docker). I own the Monoprice 10761 Amp and I have purchased the Monoprice 6-Zone Home Audio RS-232 to IP Adapter. The premise of the adapter is basically it runs Ser2Net. I have also tried loading Ser2Net on a RPi3 and using my USB to RS232 cable to try and get this system to work, no luck there either. Through an android phone, I am able to control the amp through the Whole Home Audio app that basically talks to the IP Adapter, so that tells me it’s “working” or at least it’s setup somewhat accurate and I can control the Amp remotely.

My current problem is that when I type in the IP address and serial port 4999 and port 8080 and click save, the binding won’t connect. I have went to globalcache’s website and downloaded i-test and can confirm I can connect through that. Is there anything I’m missing as a dependency to get the binding to connect? Is there anyone who can share how they got their setup working? I’m more than willing to purchase different hardware to get it to work. I’m fairly new to the openHAB world and Linux world but have no issues diving into things.

2023-02-08 16:10:58.983 [INFO ] [ab.event.ThingStatusInfoChangedEvent] - Thing 'monopriceaudio:amplifier:fbce43231d' changed from OFFLINE (COMMUNICATION_ERROR): Reconnection failed to UNKNOWN

Thing setup:
UID: monopriceaudio:amplifier:fbce43231d
label: Monoprice 10761 Amplifier, 39261 Matrix or Dayton DAX66 Amplifier
thingTypeUID: monopriceaudio:amplifier
numZones: 6
pollingInterval: 15
inputLabel6: Source 6
inputLabel4: Source 4
port: 8080
initialAllVolume: 10
inputLabel5: Source 5
inputLabel2: Source 2
inputLabel3: Source 3
disableKeypadPolling: false
inputLabel1: Source 1
serialPort: “4999”

The serial port configuration option should be left blank if using a serial over IP connection. The code defaults to a serial port connection if one is specified. If you remove the value in the serial port field and save the configuration it should work.

Also it looks like you are using the beta version of the binding from the add-on marketplace instead of the official version… So be aware of that if you still have problems.

Well, I honestly can’t believe it was that simple. I probably spent 10+ hours setting up Ser2Net on a pi, attempting to change configuration like crazy on the monoprice rs232 device. Somewhere in the act of trying to modify things, I used the beta version. I went back to the stable version, left the serial port blank and boom, super slick. Thank you so much!!! Also, port had to be 4999 for me not 8080.

I am glad to hear that you got it working. I will fix the configuration validation to prevent this frustration in the future!