More testers wanted: openHAB as an app on Cloudron

Cloudron is a platform for self-hosting apps. It makes it easy to explore the world of free and libre open source software. With more than 120 apps, it covers the typical needs of home and business users.

As one of the latest new apps, the Cloudron team has introduced openHAB. With one click, openHAB is installed, including backups, a certificate and the ability to install more apps. To be fair, it’s still at an early stage. Therefore, we need feedback for further features and wishes.
The best place to give feedback is: OpenHAB | Cloudron Forum

Install openHAB on Cloudron: Cloudron - App Store

Currently, Cloudron is completely free for up to 2 apps. If you like it and want to rely on the service of automatically updated apps, there is a small monthly subscription fee.