Most compatible and hassle-free brand

Hello! I’m new to openHAB and I’m about to buy my first few smart home items this month.

I’ve been looking at some brands in the Bindings section and the Compatible Devices spreadsheet and noticed, that some brands are better supported, while others are not. From your experience:

Which brands have a large number of products supported by openHAB, are relatively easy to configure, and run relatively smoothly with openHAB?

You may have better luck if you collect more background and info and come back with a more focused question and tell more about what you want to do.
As you looked through the list of bindings, you already know you can interact with HVACs, lights, outlets, thermostats, valves, audio devices, TVs and other home systems. You system can rely or wired connections or wireless, make use of DIY devices or interact with hubs of other systems. Your budget, things you own already, do you have access and knowledge to do wiring, etc etc will all make a difference.
For most devices out there, you will find some discussions here on the forum that will answer a lot of your questions. The search function is actually pretty good. Happy reading

Maybe I am missing something, but the question I posed – you might need to read it again – can only be answered by someone, who has already made sufficient experience with openHAB.

To retrace the logic for you: It certainly requires someone to have tried at least a few models in different product categories of several brands. I am afraid, searching the forums will not bring the result you have in mind.

If you have already made experience with certain brands, perhaps you can come back again and report your experience.

zwave products work really well, except locks and others that rely on the zwave security protocol (for which there is an experimental binding well under development)

@things for example, did you see the results if you just searched the forum or the word best?
There are threads on best dimmer, best motion detector, best lights, best hardware, best audio solution, etc, etc, etc… if you searched a little further you will find threads that discuss specific questions, e.g., zwave vs alternatives, ESP vs sonoff, Hue vs other lights…and unless I misunderstood, with exactly the experience reported that people have from practice including those with hands on experience on more than one system… there are whole threads on what to do for a new house installation, etc…maybe you find it interesting

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I actually read all those threads (on best motion detector, best hardware, etc.) you mentioned before I posted here in the forum. I’m afraid your assumptions are failing you.

But what you are suggesting is not what I am asking for. It is not that difficult to understand, as dan12345’s post exemplifies.

I use the Homematic stuff for heating (wall/radiator/window) and some energy sockets.

The Phillips Hue and Osram lightify for lighting. Although possible, i don’t suggest to use lightify components with the Hue Bridge. (Some tend to loose connection, i don’t know the scheme yet)

Infrared stuff is mostly done by Harmony Hub, but currently i don’t use it much with openHAB.

Kodi & Squeezeboxes for Video & Audio.

All my components are covered in the bindings.

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