Most items not working anymore in Google home

I’m running OpenHab 2.5.1 on an old W10 pc since 2018. Everything is running without any problems for a while now. I also added the OpenHAB Cloud connector. 3 years ago and i generated a sitemap and items file to connect all my things in order to work with google home.
This worked perfectly for the last 3 years,i saw all my lamps ,switches etc in google home and could control them with my google mini or google assistant on my phone or ipad.
Since 4 days now most of my things are gone in google home, The cloud connector is online, and all my things working fine with the OpenHab app on my Iphone. But in Google Home i can only see my temperatures. All the lamps,switches etc are gone. I tried to sync all my devices again in GH but only the temperatures are coming back.I never changed something in the items or sitemap file.

What can be the reason of this?

I’m guessing that you’re probably still using tags, which were replaced by metadata two years ago and then retired earlier this year…

Thanks very much for your answer. I’m sure that’s the sollution.
The problem is that i (and i think a lot of other people with me) are not working with this material on a regular basis. I made the items configuration with a lot of trying, copying , looking for answers in community’s etc. Finally i made a working itemsfile which worked perfectly for 3 years. In the meantime it seemed the metadata was implemented instead of the normal tags,and like a lot of others, i didn’t know.
My new problem is that i don’t have an idea what i have to do now. Can i just remove all the tags between [ ] and replace them by Meta in the { } ? What tags do i use? Is the tag for a dimmer the same as for a switchable light? Do i have to alter only the string where the adress is written. A lot of questions for me. Underneath my itemsfile ,maybe someone can or will show me what i have to do to make it work again?

Yes. Quoting the link I posted:

Assuming that you’re using .items files, you’ll replace all of the GA tags (e.g. [switch] ) with metadata, which is contained in the {} brackets with the item’s channel.

{channel="", ga=""}

They’re all stated in the documentation with examples. You can ignore the new ones that have been added and just use the ones you need.

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