Motion and Door sensor recommendations for new OPENHAB2 setup

Hello Everyone

I’m looking for some recommendations for motion and door sensors that work well with Openhab2

My girlfriend and I recently moved into our first house and I have just setup my first Openhab server. It is running on a Pi3 connected to some Belkin Wemo light switches and dimmers as well as Philips hue bulbs. I’m just doing some very basic timing rules now.
I would like to be able to setup some rules that turn on lights when motion is detected at night in the hallway. Or turn on the front entrance light when I open the door upon returning home in the evening.
I have been looking at the Philips Hue Motion sensor and found a few posts on how to make it work with Openhab. The best being this one
I would be interested to see if there are any better options out there, I also have not been able to find any none DYI door sensor that will work with OpenHab. (My soldering Skills are horrible)

Thanks in advance for any information you can provide. It’s much appreciated!

Did you see this forum discussion here: Best motion sensor?


I did not see that discussion. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!


Checkout Z-Wave (USB stick or Module for your Pi) and Z-Wave Sensative Strips for your doors and Windows.