Motion detection on Wyze cam through webhooks in tinycam

I want to use my Wyze cam for motion detection in openhab, so I have connected the Wyze cam to Tinycam. Tinycam has objection detection (person, pet vehicle) and can send a webhook upon motion. I was hoping that I can get that webhook to Openhab though Rest API. I have installed REST documentation, but unfortunately I am a complete beginner on this and do not understand how to get the webhook in as an item in openhab, can some one please give me some advice how to proceed?

Probably a three step process.

  1. Create switch item
  2. Setup web hook to move switch on when there is motion using rest api.
  3. Use expire binding to move switch back off after x amount of time if tinycam does not do webhooks when the motion stops.

Or you can just use the ipcamera binding which can do motion detection with ffmpeg from a RTSP camera. This is covered in the bindings readme and on this forum.


how do I do this:

In tinycam I can enter an URL, what URL shall I use in order to get it into openhab?

I put this as item

String  WyzePresentDetector "Precance Detector [%s]" <text>

and displayed WyzePresentDetector on my site map

In the Webhook on the TinyCam application I put this URL:

I did not see any update on the item WyzePresentDetector when TinyCam sent a motion detection update.

Is the set-up correct? Shall I use a different URL in TinyCam? Do I somhow need to connect the item WyzePresentDetector with Rest in Openhab?

Sorry I use the ipcamera binding and do not know how to use tinycam. Maybe someone else can help you? I believe the api needs a post or put request and not a get request so it may not be possible if tinycam can not change to put or post.