Motion/glass break sensors with wired power

Can anyone recommend a Z-wave motion/PIR and/or glass break sensor that can take wired power? I don’t want to have to chase down batteries all over my house every year or two (or worse, have a dead battery render my security system useless at the worst possible time…).

Hi George,
you can check it,

Model number: 

US: ZWA012-A / ZWA042-A
AU: ZWA012-B / ZWA042-B
EU: ZWA012-C / ZWA042-C

Support External Power: Yes

VCC current: Max 500mA.
VCC: Max 3.6V.   

Aeotec ZW100

However, the usability depends on your use case. The vibration sensor is quite sensitive. If the ZW100 is attached to the glass of your window/door, it might be triggered by normal (infra) sounds (not tested). It will definitely be triggered when the glass breaks. Tilting the window might trigger it.

Thanks, I’ll check those out!