Motion sensor association to one of double relay's switchesh


Not really an openhab thing, but I have a bit of an issue with associating fibaro motion sensor with fibaro double relay switch. The motion event is broadcasted and relay switch captures it ok and turns on, the issue is that both of the relay switches turn on, while I’d want only one of the switches to turn on according to motion sensor’s signal. Any thoughts, if this could be achieved by the association or fibaro relay’s configs, or do I just need to create a rule in openhab to take care of this?

I would go with a rule setup (check recent, similar discussion here). You will have more refined control over what happens versus the Z-Wave association crap :slight_smile:

Ok, that’s what I thought, thanks!

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As Dim said go for rule. To do it without rule you need MultiChannelAssociation command from the “sender” - so from sensor. I had similar issue with my stairs lights :wink: