Motion sensor hsm100 fail to initialise

Wow Chris, this is great news!!!
Thanks you so much!
I have 3 of these sensors, so all in all a major improvement for me!
Am i right in that Network Wide Inclusion isn’t supported by the device?
And thus the best way to include them is to either use a inclusion controller or use the button on the Z-Stick and keep it really close to the device?


I assume you are going too? :smile: :wink: :smiley: lol


Almost certainly - it’s an old device and NWI is relatively new. Somewhere I’ve got information on what version is required for NWI but I can’t find it right now.

Yes - nearish - 5 or 10m should normally be ok with high power inclusion.

Yes, but I’d also like you guys to make sure it’s working before I call it done and send the device back :wink:


I’m gonna let you work out how this thing works ;). I’ve confirmed I can configure it, and it sends (occasionally!) a command to trigger the movement, but it’s not (yet!) sent one to disable the alarm or in fact the temperature or luminance. I’m not quite sure how it’s meant to work - even after 10 or 15 minutes the sensor is still reporting that motion is triggered (even when I set the time to 1 or 2 minutes).

@chris, To test the changes, can you specify the snapshot version number once it is built?
I am using the Official Release based on the installation notes from here.
What do I need to do to engage and test the snapshot zwave binding? (do I have to do update other binding or make other changes?)

Oh, ok, I was hoping that when it would properly finish initialisation it would also report temperature and luminance, what could cause this non reporting of those values? Database?

@Avner to make use of the edited hsm100 install the development binding, see:


It’s probably database. The manual doesn’t provide much info - at least no that I could find. It seems to indicate that these channels need to be polled and I suspect that they use one of the other end points but I don’t find this information.

I did add another channel for testing but I’ve not looked at it yet. Will try and do that today but if you find any info about what the different endpoints are meant to do it would b useful.

What about this:


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I’ve not seen this before - can you load this to the database please. It’s definitely useful and probably answers my questions. Currently I’m working through a few other issues, but will look at this later and produce an update based on this.

Done! :smiley:

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Thanks - I’ve just been through and updated the channels based on this doc - it was very different to what’s in there so I’m a bit suspicious that there might be a couple of versions.

I think @xsnrg added the first version (Jim - FYI in case you have any comments on this and we need to split out a separate version).

@chris as far as I know, there are 2 versions:
The regular one and the “+” one.
What I pasted is the regular one. If i remember correctly there are 2 id’s in the database, maybe one is for the “+” variant.

Ok - this may be the answer… So I may have screwed up the + version in that case (sorry @xsnrg if that is yours ;)).

We can easily add this back in by copying parameters and loading the XML for the other device…

@chris I don’t believe that one is mine, or at least the device does not sound familiar to me. I will look at the DB entry and double check.

Hey Jim - sorry, you’re right - it was @xs4me (close-ish… ;)).

according to:

The plus version is:

Product type="0002" id="0002" name="EZMotion+ 3-in-1 Sensor" config="homeseer/ezmotionplus.xml"/

There are also a few .XML files which might be interesting :wink:


Do you mean the OZW files? They aren’t really of of great use as everything is a different format and when I looked in the past we had a lot more in our database than them… (I tried to collaborate with them in the past with the database developments, but they weren’t interested - never mind :wink: ).

Oh ok wow, that surprises me, the more people can help on 1 software project, the better i think. I did past a link to the OZW page because there you can find the different product type and id for the EZMotion Express and EZMotion Express Plus variant.

Is this in the developers binding so i can give it a spin :wink: :smiley:


No - no yet. I’ll try and get this done today.

@chris, goodmorning :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks!