Motion Sensor only as a "Toggle-Switch" in UI Group?

Hi all …

I am in Migration from OH1 to OH2 and struggeling with the Motion Sensor.
The sensor is defined now as “Switch” (instead of “Contact” as in OH1).

Switch GF_Kitchen_Sensor_Moti “GF_Kitchen Motion [MAP(]” (Motion,GF_Kitchen) {channel =“zwave:device:1xxxxxxxx9:node60:alarm_motion”}

Now I use a Text Item to get the responce for “Motion” or “No Motion”.

Text item= GF_LIV_L_Sensor_Moti

Works fine so far.

The Motion Sensor is also part of the Group “GF_Kitchen”, where I can see all items in this group.
Unfortunately I see only a “Toggle Switch” for Motion/No Motion. The Toggle Switch does not change on Motion.

Any hints to resolve this?



Hi, I see your mapping is in the items file. Move this mapping to the sitemap file and the switch item in GF_Kitchen group will work I guess. This is from my experience different behaviour in OH1 and OH2.