Motion sensors with quick timeout/ no delay for "off" state

I bought the xiaomi motion sensor, it works great with openhab, but its timeout of 2 minutes after a motion has been detected, makes it useless for my intended purposes.

I am looking for a motion sensor that can change its state instantly (or nearly instantly), without “freezing” in a state of “motion is detected”.

Unfortunately, I can’t find any information about that from any motion sensor manufacturer.

Sensors I am considering:

Philips Hue Motion Sensor
Aqara Motion Sensor (looks like its compatible to the xiaomi gateway)

I leaning towards to Aqara Sensor due to its cheap price, however, I can’t find any information on its timeout.

Does anyone here own an Aqara Sensor? I’m also very open to other Sensor recommendations!

for the aeotec multisensor 6 (which is z-wave), you can set the time out property using habmin.

All known z-wave sensors can be set this way, yes.

Another way are the cheap 433 MHz PIR sensors from china, which only emit the detection event, but never clear it themselves. Exactly for you intended purpose.

You of course need a 433 MHz receiver like the Tellstick, RFXCOM or arduino/raspberry-based DIY gateway.

Did you try using the expire binding to set it to OFF (or CLOSED or whatever you need)?

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Yes, it works for the first interaction, but then the sensor stays unresponsive for 2 minutes

Can we use the 433 sonoff gateway with those? (Flash it tasmota ofcourse…)

It supports the PT2262 (which is the DIP switch code variant) that is used by those PIR sensors, so yes, definately.

Never heard of these devices, thanks for showing these!