MotionEye stream on 7" RPI Touchscreen in HABPanel freeze


After day’s of trying I’ve stalled at this problem, but first of all my setup:

  • RPI3B+ - LAN Connected = OpenHabian Server
  • RPI3B and 7" RPI Touchscreen - Wifi Connected = OpenHabian Client
  • RPI3B and Camera - Wifi Connected = MotionEyeOS Camera stream
  • RPIZero and Camera - Wifi Connected = MotionEyeOS Camera stream
  • MiLight IBOX - Wifi Connected = MiLight Bridge

With the RPI3B and the 7" touchscreen I try to have an UI on the wall. The RPI3B opens the HABPanel in Chromium on boot.

My HABPanel has some (now just two) buttons for some lamps (MiLight) and has two addes ‘frame’ widgets for the camera streams. Both connect to the ‘IP cameras’s’ of both the RPI3B and the RPIZero running Motion Eye (In Fast Network Camera modus).

Everything works. both the streams come up and the switch and color altering by MiLight works. But after a minute or so both the streams freeze. While looking directly at the IP of the streams they are still live. Switching between dashboards solves the problem for ‘a minute or so’. I’m getting lost and don’t know where to go. I tried several things but nothing works for now.

Who can point me in the right direction? What am I missing?

Best Regards and thanks in advance,

Regards Robert

check your ports numbers
check your logs
check your picture on different device

how to install ffmpeg on Raspberry Pi ? I am not able to complete the Motion eye setup itself due to ffmpeg .
I do not want to use one Pi for one cam or only motion eye server. Installing Motion Eye os option is not option for me.