Motorized ball valve control


I’m looking for the best solution to control ball valve.
Valve has 3 wires so I need controller that can control two switches and these switches will always work in opposite states i.e

  1. switch is ON
  2. switch is OFF

when I change state of 1. switch then 2.swich will also change state:

  1. switch is ON->OFF
  2. switch is OFF->ON

The best solution would be something with Zwave. I found .ie TZ78 but I’m wondering if something from ie fibaro can be used.

Sounds like a job for a roller shutter control

I use one of these to control the dimmers in my sun tunnels; same principle, switching the live to the appropriate wire moves the shutter in that direction.

I suppose the difference with a valve is that it could be sprung i.e. continuous power may need to be applied to hold position.

Roller shutter should be ok. Valve after full opening/closing can (but don’t have to) be powered all the time.

To be honest I did’t think about roller shutter but I went through manual of fibaro and it should work correctly. Thanks for your ideas!

I thought about that but from what I remember you can program it with a time out, a current detect or permanent.