Move from openHAB Windows Instance to Raspbian OS

I am currently exploring the possibility of transitioning my openHAB setup from a Windows-based system to a Linux environment. My primary concern during this process is to ensure a smooth transfer of all my existing data, including items, sitemaps, and things, without any loss or significant downtime.

Has anyone in the community successfully completed a similar migration? If so, I would greatly appreciate any insights or guidelines on the best practices for executing this transition. Specifically, I am interested in understanding:

  1. The compatibility of backup files created on Windows with the Linux version of openHAB.
  2. Any potential challenges I should anticipate during the migration process.
  3. Steps to ensure that my configurations, rules, and customizations are preserved and function as expected in the new Linux environment.
  4. Recommendations for testing the setup in Linux before fully decommissioning the Windows system.
  1. They are completely compatible. A backup taken from Windows using backup.bat can be used on Linux using openhab-cli restore.

  2. it’s a new os and stuff is located in different places. But OH itself over all is going to be okay much the same.

  3. A tested backup and restore procedure. openHABian has several options built in.

  4. The biggest issue is you’ll have to move hardware dongles between the two machines. Only one can access the device at a time. Beyond that, there really isn’t anything to worry about. You at not doing a make upgrade as part of this process so it should all just work. People mostly run into trouble when they are moving machines and between major versions of OH.

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I got this error:

This is a backup taken using backup.bat?

yes and then want to integrate it in linux. i heared there is a problem at migrating: Migrate OH from Windows to OpenHABian - #5 by maze

The problem is not at permission. The problem is this code @rlkoshak

Using '/etc/openhab' as conf folder...
Using '/var/lib/openhab' as userdata folder...
Making Temporary Directory
Extracting zip file to temporary folder.
warning: appears to use backslashes as path separators
Unable to unzip, Aborting...

Ok, in that case you can manually take the backup using 7zip which uses generic path separators or just copy the files over without compressong them.

The backup consists of the conf folder which needs to be put in /etc/openhab on the Linux side, and userdata which goes to /var/lib/openhab on the Linux side.

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