Move from openhabian to windows

Hi everyone,
I am using openhabian in latest stable version and have an annoying problem with long delays in rules, even in very simple rules. So I thought of trying to install on windows and see if the delays are caused by my pi hardware.
My question is now, if I can restore my backup from openhabian in the windows version as well?
Hope someone can help me.


I am not sure, but I doubt moving to Windows would resolve your issues.

It is likely to add issues since, although Windows is supported on OH, the developers tend to work on Linux nor MacOS environments.

Maybe if you’re a little bit techy, you can use :

The best doc can be found here :

Python have way more documentation than JavaScript.

The jsr scripting is know to be faster than default DSL rules and maybe the delay with desappear.

Also, you can check you openhabian installation and check if the openhab process have ram and process available.

What type of rule take time?

is openhab the only “service” that is running on the pi hardware ?

As far as I understand openhabian is designed for Linux ( especially for Debian/Ubuntu ) systems.
Thus I think you will not be able to run openhabian to restore the backup.

Once paths are stored in the backup files they will not work on the windows system as the directory delimiter is different on windows and on linux.

thanks for your answers.
i tried with serveral community helpers to make the rules run, but it didn´t
work and yes, its the only service on the pi.

so, do i get it right, that copying files or folders will not be able to
move my items, rules and other infos, from my openhabian to windows?

thanks for every help

If your rules & everything else are in files, it MAY work but I do not know how UNIX and Windows text line ending affect this.

You can use openhab cli to copy (backup and restore) your openhabian config from rpi to windows. However, it will only “backup” you config, as well as files inside the /etc/openhab2/.
If you have other files you need, then you need to copy those manually.

Can that be restored on Windows though? /etc/openhab2 is not on Windows, AFAIK.

As far as I understand @Benjy its the exact same on all platforms.


Yes, I think the restore is smart enough to see that it’s dealing with a manually installed openHAB as opposed to an apt or yum installed openHAB and therefore it restores the files to the right locations.

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