Move openhab3 from raspberry to container on ProxMox


i’m an Openhab user for years now. Openhab runs on a raspberry pi (openhabian) and i want to move my openhab3 installation to my ProxMox virtual environment.

is there any guide or best practise moving an openhabian installation to a containerized environment?

Hopefully it’s possible to take over most of the configuration and settings.



I would think that you can use the build-in OH backup utilities.
Found this thread that has some more details.
(I do run OH in a Proxmox container since the start, hence never had to do such a migration)

Edit: The good thing is that you could simply try it out. Create your Proxmox VM/LXC, get the basic debian/etc. install done, take a snapshop, install OH and restore the backup and see where you get with it. If it does not work, revert to the snapshot before.