Move to USB


i have openhab install on pi3. and i connected ssd drive to the USB port. and use the option “move to USB” when i remove the SD the pi is not booting. how can i know if its working fro the sd card or the usb?


You need the SD card to boot unless you have setup the RPI to boot from the SSD hard drive.

but how can i know if its now booting from sd or ssd ?

This is a question for the RPI forum and has nothing to do with OH. Do a search for how to use linux commands to get the info you want.

If you want to boot from the SSD then see this link.

why there is nothing to do with openhab ? i use “move to usb” from openhabian-config menu

so now i have openhab on sd and on ssd. so how can i know if openhab working from sd or ssd

If using openhabian-config to move to USB then you are booting from the SD card. If you use the link posted above then you can setup the RPI to boot from the SDD and remove the SD card.

I use the RPI and booting from SSD, works well.

Are you wanting to boot from the SSD?

i don’t want problem with the sd card. i had few problem when the data was corrupted. and i saw that is recommended to buy ssd for mpr reliability

so if its still boot from the sd card. what “move to usb” are doing ?

Reducing the amount of writes to the SD card.

so its better to boot directly from the ssd ?

there is an option to go back to sd card boot ?