Moving from HASS: Beginners struggle with a simple rule to switch on/off lights (o;

Good afternoon (o;

Just installed yesterday evening openHAB on my RPi together with a ConBee II stick as my current setup with home assistant and ConBee II doesn’t work anymore as expected…lights can’t be switched on or off anymore…nightmare (o;

I know openHAB provides tons of documentation…but as time is short I wanted to quickly test a rule in openHAB to link a Philips Hue dimmer switch to an Ikea Floalt light…both are visible under things and items…all fine…

When I look at the dimmer switch items page I see that it changes the value to 4000 when “Off” is pressed…so I thought this is simple as:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-28 um 12.10.19

But the light stays on…so not sure if it is the trigger or the end point side…clicking on “Run” doesn’t do anything as well…though not sure if it is meant to be the same sort of “Run” as in home assistant…

This all thing/item/model thingie is way too much at the moment as I need to migrate fast so that my wife keeps happy with my home automation system (o;

thanks in advance

It is 4000 but in the code / logs it is actually 4000.0. The dimmer switch does this as it has different click properties, 1st click, long click, double click etc all that sort of thing.

Change the number to that or as I’ve done in my rules done it >= 4000…works fine.

PS, check the logs when the rule runs as it will give you a lot of info on what is going wrong or hopefully right!

Hmm…in my log it is 4000:

2022-09-28 12:38:05.546 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'DimmschalterArbeitszimmer_Schaltflache' changed from 4002 to 4000

Know what I got wrong…didn’t select the right channel for the light…changed to the brightness channel (o;

Seems a long way to go for the migration…but hope it is worth and that deConz is working much better as with

What puzzled me is that under the properties tab for lights the brightness slider isn’t working. Might be a bug in the macOS catalyst version of the app as it works under iOS.

Anyway…thanks for the quick help (o;


Seems not better with using openHAB and ConBee ii…
The deConz app can’t find all lights…and after restart lost two lights…

Even though I updated the stick this week…

Also openHAB frontend shows all lights as off though being switched on…

Is this stick really that rubbish???
Any alternatives which is available in central europe?

I cannot confirm that.
Had some trouble running conbee in docker at the time I used a cubietruck.
Since using a raspberry pi I don’t have problem with the conbee.
Don’t use docker for conbee any more.

Really odd…

Had to restart the Raspberry so the lights were visible again…

Still can’t detect the four last light bulbs though I resetted them several via the hue dimmer switch with confirmed flashing.

My three kitchen lights switched automatically off as intended after 180 seconds. The frontend still shows brightness as 100% and deConz app shows one light as still on…can’t be more unreliable as that…

Seems I need to get one of those Elelabs/Popp dongles…

Looks it is working now…though still not satisfied with the ConBee II. Suddenly the bridge was unavailable with the error message “can’t start a destroyed container”.

Think I’m ordering the Sonoff Zigbee stick…only one available in reasonable time here.