Moving Openhab from 1 Rpi to another

Long story short, I started playing with OH and home automation in general, so I set it up on my project Rpi, and now I’m looking to getting another Rpi and setting it up with the OH distro, as it’s here to stay.

How would I go about moving the OH installation between the 2 Rpis, with the minimal amount work regarding configuration?

Currently I make use of OH, Mosquitto, InfluxDB & Grafana, everthing is setup using PaperUI so I don’t have any sitemaps or .loose files.

  1. Stop the running RPi
  2. Remove the SD card
  3. Plug the SD card into the new RPi
  4. Turn on the new RPi

It’s really as simple as that. Even if they are different models of RPis you can swap the SD cards between them without problem.

If you want both to run the same OH installation clone the SD card to another one and use that.

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Apologies, didn’t see your reply.

What I meant was I don’t want to move everything over, only openhab and related software.

But after a bit of googling I found the backup/restore functionality and it has worked perfectly, as such this topic is answered.

Thank you for your reply regardless.

Even though you found your solution this might not work all the time. e.g. you need specific drivers to get a device up and running.
My OH installation is now about 5 yo and I am still hesitating to start over with a fresh installation :wink:

I usually clone my sd card (moved to usb revently) and restore it to a new card/stick. So I can easily have a full backup and don’t need to bother which part failed.

I found the combination of raspibackup link and Pishrink link to be just the thing I need.