Moving to new system. Trying to retain zwave objects

I’m moving from a window system (windows 10 on bare metal running version 2.1) to a Linux virtual Machine running on hyper v (windows 2012 host) version 2.2.

I’ve finally got the usb via ip working from host to guest via VirtualHere software.

So my next task in migration is to push the zwave over.

I could just plug it in and redetect all the nodes, but I’d prefer if I can retain the item name to node links.

I use an items file with the items, so ideally would like a file for the zwave config so that I can kee the nodes.

With my current software levels is this possible? I wasn’t able to tell from the threads if the 2.2 and 2.2 versions supported zwave config in a things file.

No, zwave things via .things files are not supported (except in the development version of the binding, but either way .things files are not recommended to use).
But where’s the problem? Just migrate your OH config including jsondb (org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.Thing.json) to contain your things … channel names shouldn’t change, and if you want them to, you can change them in there, it’s a text file.

Ahh did not realise I could do this.

So I’d take the thing.json file (from userdata/jsondb (or similar) right?
Would I also take the zwave directory with has all the nodex.xml files?


They’re regenerated but you can also copy them.

Great. Tried it today moving tin an openHABian system on an old pi, was relatively seamless.

A few more config things to set up…and getting the bindings across will be useful, then I’ll be able to move system at will.

Think I’ve decided to go to an Odroid as it has a bit more power and is not my main server - which when there’s no power is the first thing turned off on the ups.