Moving Z-wave to OH. Instability on 2.5M4

Hi OH community,

I’ve been trying to migrate my zwave network from vera to OH (Aeotec Z-Stick on Ubuntu). This is my second attempt in 4 months (the first time didn’t work out and I didn’t have a lot of time to manage it).

To ensure success this time around, I’m taking things slow and migrating one-two devices per day, starting with mains powered and FLIRs devices and monitoring stability. I’ve also disabled nightly heals.

So far, I’ve successfully moved 11 nodes with good results.

Starting from the 12th node onward, I started seeing a problem where manually healing devices cause them to go offline.

If any of these new nodes are on the zwave network, it causes all the other previously stable devices (node 2-11) to exhibit the same behavior. Manually healing any node will trigger OH to mark that node (even ones which were previously working) as offline and degrade the rest of the zwave network.


  • The only way to return to a stable state is to exclude all devices after node 11. Adding anything new (including different devices) introduces instability
  • When the problem started occurring, the initialization phase for inclusion took much longer (~30 min) than previous nodes.
  • If I physically operate these devices, they come back online, but the problem repeats.

I’m including a link to a (massive 40MB) debug log starting from when the problematic node was included.

Can anyone help? Thanks!