Mozilla Web of Things

This popped up in my feed. It looks like a project to watch. It is pretty immature at this point and their overall mission seems to have a lot of overlap with OH, but if it manages to go somewhere I can see a binding to connect to it in the future.


any news on OH integration?
I’m in particular interested in Moziallas Voice Control

I don’t think anyone is working on integration yet. Since it supports MQTT, it should be pretty straight forward to get them to talk.

I’m quite new in home automation, so what the hack is MQTT?

One of the messaging protocols used frequently in home automation.


thank you for answering such annoying noob questions.
I’ve just found some good explanations:

  1. What is MQTT?
  2. What Is MQTT? Message Queueing Telemetry Transport

For everyone reading this conversation, user svensven is currently developing a Mozilla WebThings Binding over here.