Mpd binding failing

Hi There,

I’ve been trying to setup mpd binding without any success. I have volumio running on another pi in my local network. My config is as follows


Host and port of the first MPD to control

Dimmer Mpd_main_VolumeControl “Volume [%d%%]” { mpd=“INCREASE:volumio:volume_increase, DECREASE:volumio:volume_decrease, PERCENT:volumio:volume” }
Switch Mpd_main_NextPrev “Track control” { mpd=“ON:volumio:next, OFF:volumio:prev” }

site file

Slider item=Mpd_main_VolumeControl
Switch item=Mpd_main_NextPrev mappings=[OFF=“Previous”, ON=“Next”]

All I get is the following error in the logfile
2016-01-25 20:53:14.913 [INFO ] [inding.mpd.internal.MpdBinding] - reconnect player volumio

Am I being really dunb here??

I get the same error. I guess that the mpd bindning needs to be updated with the latest

Start with enabling DEBUG for the mpd bindning.

Strangely I restarted openhab a few times and it;s now working, but I have no idea why?

oh…glad to hear…which version of volumio is you using?

Latest version 1.55