MQTT 2.4 update - DONT

I have to say it is so disappointing that Openhab seems to be going down the route of point and click to appease the general users. I have been using it now for since about 1.3 or so, and have nutted my way through an awful lot of stuff over the years. I have put up with SD card failure to my databases failing, but ALWAYS MQTT worked. It was simple - could transform, it was just great. 95 % runs of it. Then I upgraded to 2.4 as I want to get the googlehome going properly and a fresh install and restore of items rules seemed a good idea.

But alas Dave Garf removed the old textual binding in favour of a laborious faulty THING. Now all I can add is a ‘publish trigger’ . A what?

So I eventually enable 1.X bindings, and the old binding for MQTT fails to appear. ARGHHHHHH . Where has it gone, wait where has the ‘items’ menu item gone from paperUI ?

Home Assistant never looked so good. Time I learnt yaml. Thanks for the trip Kai, and Thomas.

There are two things you can add.
The broker thing which you seew to have done
and then MQTT generic things which more or less match the old binding config
You have an options to do it with the paperUI (point and click) or via things files



You have to enable this:

“Include Legacy 1.x Bindings”

This will bring the old MQTT binding back.

It was not so easy to migrate to the new MQTT, mostly because I have several MQTT Thing, but I haven’t had any problem with it since I have updated… it also seems to work faster.