Mqtt aliases

Hi everyone,

I’m just getting started with openhab coming from smartthings, and so far loving openhab.

One thing i’m trying to do is setup mqtt so i can output some data to graphite and other sources. According to I can output aliases to mqtt, but I havn’t been able to figure out how/what they are.

My current mqtt-persistence.cfg includes the following (mostly for debbuging right now)
message={ "name": "%1$s", "value": "%3$s", "alias": "%2$s", "timestamp": "%4$s" }

but alias/%2 is always empty.

{ "name": "zwave_device_72167e2d_node4_switch_binary", "value": "1", "alias": "", "timestamp": "1487536637771" }

is not super useful to my scripts, I’d much rather have “Front Right Lamp” as setup in mqtt so its easier to read later. Is this something I can do? have the openhab2 item names instead of the raw device names?