MQTT and HTTP SCRIPT transformation not working

In the OH 4.0 Milestone releases the SCRIPT transformation for at least HTTP and MQTT isn’t working for me. I am seeing

Transformation service SCRIPT for pattern js:unix_timestamp.script not found!

It doesn’t matter if graaljs or js is used. I don’t have the Nashorn engine installed but I do have the javascript scripting engine installed.

It is working for sitemap-transformations though.

Which milestone? M2 changed. No longer uses SCRIPT. Instead Reach language uses it’s own transform service name (e.g. JS for JavaScript, DSL for Rules DSL, etc). It’s covered in the latest docs.

That’s interesting because it’s not supposed to.

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Oh well… So back to how it was. I thought the docs were not updated yet, but apparently it was changed back again.

The sitemap transformations are broken after a restart now aswell. For the thing-transformations every change needs a restart of openHAB though, so changing from SCRIPT:js to JS needs a restart to take effect.