MQTT Binding 2.4 - what changed? not working anymore

after my MQTT items not delivering data i started to digg a little deeper and found out that MQTT binding is not installed anymore…the same time i saw a version 2.5.0 (snapshot)…so i realized that we are already in the 2.5.0 race and seems that 2.5 is not installed automatically. so i installed manually did check if the config as available as before - but still does not work, Mosquitto works and is running…

Any idea what needs to be done in order to make a 1.13 MQTT binding installation work with the latest 2.5.0 release of the binding…

Thanks a lot Norbert

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OK thanks, missed that one.
But is it an epic revolution and all as to be changed if going with the next generation?

If you have a lot of items it can take up some time. Also from reading the forum and my own experience there are some rough edges. But you can run them both and just migrate incrementally.

It was probably not the wisest (automatic) decision to remove the v1 addon for mqtt. It definitely breaks all Mqtt setups out there.


I had to downgrade back because all my mqtt devices get lost and automated home broke down. Now I’m pondering to upgrade OH again, then to install old mqtt binding, that probably will save my automated home for sometime. And after that I’m going to start transition to the new mqtt binding. Step by step, item by item.

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is there a way we can have the old config way of having the items configured in text files. And just linking them to the new MQTT broker. without having to add all new things using paper ui?

I have issues running both with my items predicted to become. So if i turn a light on, it predicts to become off and stays off.

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You can upgrade openhab but still use the old mqtt binding. It just got uninstalled. You need to enable old bindings in paperui, afterwards the 1.x mqtt binding is available for install again.


Thanks, I’m going to do so.