MQTT Binding not working with 2.2

After Upgrading OpenHAB to 2.2 I’ve experienced an issue with the connection not being able to send outgoing data. However, as I wrote here reinstalling fixed it. Now after restarting openHAB for the third time since then, I noticed that after every restart the binding stops working, until it’s reinstalled. This has not happened in previous versions.

What could be causing this behaviour?

I’ve had that too so you’re not alone (if that helps!)

I assume that something in the v1 compatibility layer is broken. I also have a binding for Panasonic TVs which I modified, and during startup it get’s loaded and unloaded a few times, until it ends up being unloaded. Not sure what’s going on.

Maybe @Kai knows what could have broken our beloved MQTT binding? And I would appreciate if we could get an 2.2.1 that fixed this bug. If I have to wait for 3 or more months until there will be an update then I will seriously think about forking openhab (similar to the nextcloud fork of owncloud) as the way things are going is just way to slow, and then the code isn’t even well tested. If after the 3 months I could be sure that it would be working fine, I would be totally fine with it, but seriously, taking 3 months to fix a bug, and create a new one is just way too long. There needs to be some change, like monthly releases where only minor stuff is done. Like important bug fixed because something broke a binding or whatever. If you look at owncloud, they were doing the exact same thing and changes took forever, so nextcloud is basically the new owncloud and nobody uses owncloud anymore. It would be sad if we have to fork openhab like that and split userbase and devbase as that would also split progress and innovation.

I did not have to reinstall or anything else, mqtt binding works as solid as before …

Your wishes already have been heard …