Mqtt broker is trying to connect to wrong IP

Hi there
I am runnting OH 2.5 on a raspberry (openhabianpi) and I am using the mqtt binding.

Now I the IP-adress of my system has changed and the mqtt broker connection is repeadly trying to connect to the “old” IP.

My MQTT Thing configuration looks like this: Bridge mqtt:broker:mosquitto "Mosquitto" [ host="", port=1883, secure="AUTO", username="openhabian", password="1234", clientID="openHAB2" ]

The messages in the Log looks like this:

2019-12-27 23:22:25.004 [INFO ] [.reconnect.PeriodicReconnectStrategy] - Try to restore connection to ''. Next attempt in 60000ms

2019-12-27 23:22:25.016 [INFO ] [.transport.mqtt.MqttBrokerConnection] - Starting MQTT broker connection to '' with clientid 71178a42-396c-4838-8113-0b9119b3aa0c

Do you have an idea why the broker is still connecting to the old IP?
I reinstalled the binding and cleared cache but this did not help.
Thank you in advance. BR

PS: Maybe there are some leftovers from the MQTT broker Eclipse Mosquitto (openhabian; additional components) which I previously installed, but I don´t know how to clean this.

Which broker are you using? And how did you install it?

If you have uninstalled any previous version, and you have clear cache and tmp folder as well as rebooted, there should be nothing left over.

Also, use the PaperUI to define your things

Hi, I am using the built in broker from the mqtt binding.

Before I created the borker with the “things” folder in the openhab-config.
Now I changed and created a broker directly in the PaperUI. But it is still the same issue.
I also cleared the temp folder.
Do you have any other idea? Thank you.

Which brokers do you have in PaperUI. Did you remember to delete the things file as well?
Have you got your broker added through addons.cfg?

Uninstall the binding then stop OH, clean cache, and reboot. After everything is back up and running (takes a few minuets) then reinstall Mqtt binding.

I have a “MQTT Broker” which I created with the binding. Yes, I renamed the file to something which openhab doesn´t know. So this should be the same.

But I see now where the error is cumming from:
When I install the MQTT binding in PaperUI under configuration -> services I can add a MQTT system broker connection. But from the beginning ther is no service configured.
When I click on the “plus” I can see my wrong IP address.

So where does it come form and how can I delete it. Normally I don´t need this “system broker connection”.
I also cleared cache like @H102 said.
Thank you BR.

I have no idea where it comes from, but I would assume you have a file you havn´t deleted or rename.

Did you try an insert the real IP into the broker in PaperUI? What happens when you do?

Could you have two mqtt brokers on your system?

When I put in the real IP into broker in PaperUI the message log says:

2019-12-29 17:17:31.203 [WARN ] [.MqttBrokerConnectionServiceInstance] - Ignore existing broker connection configuration for: Mosquitto

It is possible that there are two mqtt brokers active on my system, but how do I uninstall mosquitto?
If I want to add the broker from the mqttv2 binding it says it can not connect:

Also I can not find no any documentation about the internal broker in MQTTv2 binding.

there was something wrong with my system. (Maybe I was playing to much).
For any reason the PaperUI did not show that there where some “MQTT system broker connections” configured.
Now I set up a new system and erverything looks good.
Thank you for your help.