MQTT Broker : Manual configuration with persistence file


I’ve migrated my openHAB configurations from PaperUI to files. Everything is finally working fine, but I’m wasn’t able to configure a persistence file (UI parameter persistenceFile) for the broker. I’m using the embedded MQTT service. Any hint how to do this?

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Any particular reason that you want to use the MQTT persistence service?
There are far better ones available

Right now - no. But unless the behavior from configurations via PaperUI and via file is so different I would like to know why. In addition: MQTT persistence service? That’s nothing I’ve installed in my PaperUI configuration. AFAI know it’s just a bin file, where incoming messages are stored unless they’re processed.

Persistence is only configured via text files

Perhaps we’re talking about different things, but as you can see, it’s totally possible to configure persistence via PaperUI:

Yes, we are talking about different things. This is the data for retained messages.
Retained messages are used for the persistence service but it is configured via a persist file.

It’s used for each an every message (AFAIK)

No only the ones with the persist flag unless you configured the broker to persist every messages but I would advise against that

And how can I define the file?

What file?