Mqtt-Broker version

Hi there!

I am a total beginner with openhab and mqtt, trying to find out which setup suits me best.

As far as I understand the openhab’s embedded broker is moquette. Moquette is available on git-hub with version 0.12, whereas the embedded Mqtt-Broker is marked as version 2.5.3 in PaperUI.

Can someone explain this?

If Moquette/embedded broker was still in version 0.x I would rather prefer to use mosquitto and connect openhab as client.

Would be happy to hear some opinions!

The openHAB internal MQTT broker is based on the Moquette libraries which have a different version than the openHAB bundle. That’s quite normal.

But I would rather recommend to use Mosquitto, was there are reported response issues which could be solved by using Mosquitto.


Use mosquito moquette has some support issues that will not be fixed.

Just to elaborate a bit on hmerk’s reply.

The version 2.5.3 in PaperUI is the version number of the openHAB add-on. Version 0.12 is the version of the Moquette library which is used by the openHAB add-on to provide an embedded MQTT broker service.

But as mentioned, don’t use it. Use Mosquitto or some other external MQTT broker instead. It’s not that hard to set up and works way better.


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