MQTT Channel string not working

Raspberry PI Openhab 3
MQTT binding 3

My channel “mqtt:topic:b8be661fe1:slaapkamer_wireless_wall_switch:action” can produce 3 strings “single_right”, “single_left” and “single_both”

I can see this in my event.log

2021-01-20 22:18:14.821 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ChannelTriggeredEvent ] - mqtt:topic:b8be661fe1:slaapkamer_wireless_wall_switch:action triggered single_left

How do i use this in a rule to react to one of the values?

The rule below gives no error , but its not working

//Wireless 2 button switch
rule "lamp on/off"
    Channel "mqtt:topic:b8be661fe1:slaapkamer_wireless_wall_switch:action" triggered 
    var actionName = "receivedEvent.getEvent"
    switch(actionName) {
        case "single_left": {
			logInfo("test", "Light ON")
        case "single_right": {
			logInfo("test", "Light OFF")

How do i get the value off my channel in my variable “actionName”

Something which might make this easier is to link your String Channel to a String Item, and then trigger when that Item has changed.

I think you can then use triggeringItem.state in your subsequent rule, i.e.

switch(triggeringItem.state) {


Scroll down to the DSL rule in the post below, where I do what you’re ultimately after, in a slightly different way:

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This line of code sets actionName to the String “receivedEvent.getEvent”. That’s not meaningful. You want the actual string value from the event itself.

val actionName = receivedEvent

In OH 3 receivedEvent was changed from being an object that carries an event to just be the String value of the event.

But, if I were to set this up I’d do it in the Channel and use a mapping or JS transformation to convert the values to an appropriate Item state. Then there’s be no need for a rule at all.

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Both of you explanations were very educational.
Thanks for that.
I’ve gotten it working with "val actionName = receivedEvent

I get the concept, but sometimes find it difficult to find the correct spelling (syntax) in DSL and other languages used in openhab


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