MQTT connection refused


Yesterday i installed OH3 on my PI4 as a fresh install. I am using OH now for over a year, due to hardware failure i had to initiate a fresh install. Now I have issues with installing MQTT, i get te error conenction refused. What do i wrong?

So what I did:

  1. Installed a new image OH 3.2
  2. Installed the Mosquitto MQTT Broker via the config menu
  3. Installed the binding
  4. I get the error via the binding. It is also not posisble to connect with the MQTT service via a MQTT viewer

result: I received the error message when I tried to start the broker: COMMUNICATION_ERROR$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: /
Picture of system broker with reference to my OH ip

Picture of the service

Picture of the thing

I found the solution here:

You installed the mosquitto broker via the config menu and use the systembroker in the UI.
Mosquitto is not the systembroker!!
delete the system MQTT broker thing and go to the inbox and follow the instructions here

After my config file update (see post update above) it works fine! Thanks