MQTT delete unused Payload

I have played around with MQTT using MQTTExplorer and i added a payload to a item and dont know how to remove it.

  • MQTT broker used : Mosquitto
  • MQTT Explorer for view and publish
  • Item edited : Müller Licht Tint RGBW GU10 Bulb
  • item tested: Color type XY, tried with converting XY to HSB, HSV
  • Item connection: Zigbee2Mqtt
  • Issue: Item cant be controlled to change color, only brightness and temperature because OpenHAB uses HSB/HSV values

Payload now:


Payload should be:


How can i remove:


from payload?

i tried with deleting mosquitto.db

 sudo rm /var/lib/mosquitto/mosquitto.db

Is the question “how do I remove a retained payload from my broker” ?

i tried solution from there…and none working. Payload back after switching the bulb

sudo mosquitto_pub -h <IP> -t "zigbee2mqtt/Büro - Müller Licht Tint LED bulb GU10" -u <USERNAME> -P <PASSWORD> -n -r -d

If the device does send such state messages, openHAB has no way thechange that.
It sounds to me like a device-specific question and not directly related to openHAB.

I didn’t say that it was an Openhab Issue, i’m looking for a solution with MQTT Payload. In the actual state of the device OpenHAB uses the Payload for color as HSB (because its there in the payload) and not the X & Y payloads.

Again … the payloads with HSB values were added by me using MQTTExplorer for trying to convert Color XY to HSB. But now they are more blocking the use of the item to change the color.

Added how? By publishing to that topic?

Okay, so you published an empty payload to that topic with retain set? And checked that the old unwanted payload was gone?

Alright, so who published that?

State actual

after publishing i get

after pushing my remote or just sending brightness payload

i hope this helps understanding, dont know why the HSB payload pops back. By sending payload with RETAIN checked all looks ok till i make a change of state or value from the bulb.

Sorry if i eventually misunderstand something, my english is a bit rusty

If you do this you have to stop the mosquito service first.

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Of course I’ve done it before and started after.