MQTT Embedded Broker and LWT not working

OH 2.5 snap 1512 btw

I’ve moved over to the embedded MQTT broker and it seems last will and testament ( LWT ) isn’t working.
There doesn’t seem to be any configuration available for the built in broker so I’m at a bit of a loss.

This is affecting a rule where a beacon in a car sets a LWT message of OFF for a given item when the beacon goes out of range. Using the embedded broker the message is never triggered.

Looking for suggestions here! thanks

It would help if would show/post how you have setup your things and items and the rule. The state of your things (broker connection and mqtt things being online or offline) would be of interest as well as if other mqtt things are working.

Here are some of the relevant lines:

Thing mqtt:topic:garageController		"Garage ESP Controller" (mqtt:systemBroker:embedded-mqtt-broker) @ "waSpy"
		Type switch : carA			"Car A"						[ stateTopic="/beacon/binary_sensor/gti/state" ]


witch	carA							"Car A"							(gCar,location)			{ channel="mqtt:topic:garageController:carA" }

It’s all a bit moot, though, as the broker never triggers the LWT of the node that disconnects.

Previously, using an external broker, this has been working for many months without issue. Only the embedded broker is different

Did it work on MQTT2.4 with another broker or was that using the old binding?
A question on the missing LWT message, as I know it usually such is sent by the mqtt device without an external trigger. Could you explain that with more details?
Your switch has no commandTopic, is that on purpose?

It worked on 2.4 with an external broker.

Switch is probably not correct. That’s a carryover from 2.3. It probably should be a contact or something else. Also, the “beacons” were flashed with the LWT state of OFF so I’d rather not dig those back out and re-flash them.

The way I understand LWT is the device tells the broker what to do should it disconnect. When the device goes out of range I never see the LWT message and therefore openhab never does anything.

Maybe that’s why it’s not working with the embedded broker…