Mqtt embedded broker keeps stopping

I guys since upgrading openhabian to 2.5.5 Ive had a noticed the the embedded broker keeps going offline and have to reboot to bring it back
anyone else noticed this this and would like some tips on where to look to see where the problem lies


Probably not the answer you are looking for. I would highly recommend switching to mosquito. The embedded broker is no longer supported from what I understand.


Is there an announcement for this ?
I spend ages moving off mosquito

the embedded broker is Moquette. Development on Moquette seems to have stalled. Jan has been maintaining a fork that is used in OpenHAB. I myself still use the embedded broker, so I know it works but most here use mosquito and the standard reply to anyone having problems with the embedded broker here in the forum has been to switch to mosquito.

no announcement but some further information about the situation if you feel like reading some more

if you post up a little more detail, such as the platform it is running on, the circumstances when it occurs and any logs generated, maybe we can figure it out

Think I’ve got to the bottom of this was temporarily running it on s phone usb after a move don’t think it was not getting enough juice

Put it back on 3a supply not lost contact with mqtt once since


Awesome definitely an example of the straw that breaks camels back. So many weird things happen when power supplies are on the edge of providing what they need.