MQTT eventbus-actions cannot be null

Hello everyone,i have a problem with my Rules about MQTT eventbus
I have just set a new openhab systems in a raspberry Pi 3+ and i creat a rules to bridge with mqtt action.
My rules is:

and i received error in log is: “Rule ’ mqtt_eventbus Publish cmnd to server’: actions cannot be null”

Is there any way to troubleshoot it? Sorry for my bad english.
my openhab version is 2.5.6.

Did you create the MQTT Broker Thing and does it have the Thing ID mqtt:mqtt:broker:event_bus?

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yes, i create a MQTT Broker Thing with ID is event_bus.

Verify that mqttActions is returning something.

if(mqttActions === null) logError("MQTT_EB", "There is no Action!")
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Are you really sure? With doubled mqtt:mqtt at the beginning?

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Ohh, Sorry, this is a typing mistake

I have just checked again and fix it. it worked.