MQTT Exploration App

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(Michael Cumming) #21

Very useful! Thank you.

(Andi) #22

Thank you! Great tool!

(David Graeff) #23

Thanks for this great tool

Cheers, David

(Thomas Nordquist) #24

Is there a specific reason why hiding is useful, I would guessed just keeping it collapsed would suffice ?

(Vincent Regaud) #25

Not terribly useful…
We are more using these kind of apps to monitor our own generated traffic
It’s interesting but it’s “busy” and may affect the performance of the app.
And, I think your app has a memory leak because after leaving it on for a couple off hours my computer was very slow and recovered as soon as I closed the app.

(Thomas Nordquist) #26

I released a new version, 0.1.3

Changelog since 0.1.0:

  • Add search function
  • Fix a crash on windows
  • Greatly increase performance
  • Improved memory management
  • Show broker statistics (Settings sidebar)
  • Show more content in topic preview
  • Make right sidebar resizable
  • Plot topics in a graph
  • Delete retained topics with a click
  • Fixed minor visual imperfections.

Hope you enjoy =)

(lipp_markus) #27

Awesome! :+1: :clap:

(suntribe) #28

Nice tool… one suggestion though, did you consider adding multiple mqtt servers? Like profiles or smth like that?

(gregcarpentervistala) #29

Great tool Thanks for posting

(Thomas Nordquist) #30

Is a planned feature, coming soon.

(Thomas Nordquist) #31

And it’s done, new version is out! (v0.2.0)

Whats new:

  • Connection Manager
  • Recursive topic deletion (Purges retained subtopics with a click)
  • Custom topic subscriptions
  • UI is nicer
  • Fixed some bugs, added some bugs
  • Binary size has been reduced by ~60%