MQTT Exploration App

Get a quick overview of your MQTT topics and integrate new devices more quickly.


  • Visualize topics and topic activity
  • Delete retained topics
  • Search/filter topics
  • Delete topics recursively
  • Diff view of current and previous received messages
  • Publish topics
  • Plot numeric topics
  • Retain a history of each topic
  • Dark/Light Themes
  • See Changelog to see all features

There are releases for Windows, Linux and Mac.

I hope you enjoy it and I would love some feedback.


This is a fantastic tool! Thanks for posting! It works flawlessly the few minutes I’ve played with it. I expect to get a lot of use out of it.

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Is it possible (or sensible even) for this to be integrated as a tool, like zwave viewer?

Very awesome…I too was not able to spend too much time on it, but the first impressions are excellent.
No issues, and everything I wanted was right there…very very nice. Thanks so much for posting this!!!

Fantastic tool. A must have for anyone that are working with MQTT. I’m sure that it will make me save a lot of time/work. Thanks,

Very cool! The hierarchy of MQTT topics is a game-changer, it’ll totally reduce the time to find new devices and ensure their MQTT topics are defined correctly - I love it!

Great work! Thanks for sharing!!

Doesn’t work for me…

Ubuntu 18.04LTS


Doesn’t connect

@vzorglub fixed it, was an issue with the authentication. Thanks for reporting it!

There is a new release that should work =)

OK, I spent a little bit of time using the tool. It is really really useful. I’ve used it so far to transition about 20 MQTT 1.x Items to 2.x Things. It also immediately showed me how stupid my overall hierarchy is (that’s what you get when things grow organically) and that I’m having a problem getting one of my Python scripts to properly configure a LWT. So far the tool has saved me a whole lot of time.

If I could have one feature request, it would be to have the timestamp of the most recent message right next to/above the contents of the message so I don’t have to open the History to see when that message came in. Knowing when that last message arrived is pretty useful for debugging, which I’ve been doing some this afternoon.

Once again, fantastic tool!

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awesome tool, thanks so much!

does not work for me …
even after a while the screen stays black …
0.0.7 portable on Win7 64bit

Report that on gitHub

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Very nice!
Just have to include a screenshot of this with a Homie Node because it is so lovely :joy:
Thanks a million, will use this tool on a daily basis!!

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Very nice work! Thank you!


  1. Provide some form of visual feedback to indicate which messages are retained.
  2. A “purge” button to flush a topic of its retained message.

Regarding suggestion #2:
A common issue that frequently arises in this community, and in the Home Assistant community (where I recommend you also post your announcement), is the need to explain how to purge a retained topic.

The process is simple but explaining it to new users of MQTT is complicated by the fact they often have no familiarity with any MQTT client and are not 100% comfortable with using mosquitto_pub. They also often can’t tell if any of their topics has retained messages (which can be cured by suggestion #1).

If you were to add a simple “purge” button to MQTT-Explorer, it would be a great service to humanity. :wink:


Is there a way to have this app as one of the widgets on the openhab dashboard?

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I worked in a lot of your Feedback and did a new release.
Quite a few things improved. Thanks for all that brought up proposes on how to make this tool more awesome.

vzorglub & miwok helped a lot to rack down a crash.

Thanks to @123 we now have a “Purge Button” to clear retained topics.


Also: numeric topic can now be plotted
And we now also get the MQTT broker statistics


Superb!! Thanks you
An option to have the $SYS topics or not would be welcome.