MQTT Generic thing and UoM

I’m using the MQTT binding with a generic thing. I would like to make use of UoM, but can’t find any documenation how to do so. I did read: but it doesn’t contain any thing file examples or anything about UoM. So i guess it’s not available, but before i make a feautre request at github, i would like to ask if it makes any sense.

I have this Thing:

    Thing topic cvketel "MQTT CVketel" {
        Type switch : vlam              "Vlam"              [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/flame",on="1", off="0" ]
        Type switch : cv_aan            "CV aan"            [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/centralheating",on="1", off="0" ]
        Type switch : dhw_aan           "Warmwater aan"     [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/hotwater",on="1", off="0" ]
        Type number : oemfaultcode      "Foutcode"          [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/fault" ]
        Type number : roomsetpoint      "Setpoint"          [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/setpoint", commandTopic="actions/otmonitor/setpoint" ]
        Type number : overridesetpoint  "Override setpoint" [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/remoteoverrideroomsetpoint" ]
        Type number : tchmax            "CV Max. temp."     [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/chsetpoint" ]
        Type number : roomtemp          "Temperatuur"       [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/roomtemperature" ]
        Type number : modulevel         "Modulatie"         [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/modulation" ]
        Type number : flowtemp          "CV Water temp."    [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/boilerwatertemperature" ]
        Type number : flowsetpoint      "CV Water target"   [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/controlsetpoint" ]
        Type number : waterpressure     "CV waterdruk"      [ stateTopic="events/central_heating/otmonitor/waterpressure" ]

Would it be possible to add UoM magic to the channel declaration:
Type number : roomsetpoint
would be something like:
Type number: temperature : celsius: roomsetpoint

Type number : waterpressure
would be
Type number: pressure : bar : waterpressure

Another approach could be to get the unit from the topic (if provided), downside is not all devices post the unit together with the value to the topic.

This sounds like a useful application for a profile, which operates on channel data being fed to Items.
But I don’t think profiles currently play nice with Numbers.

Could this have been added in the last year?
If i read the documentation, it does mention UoM. But no example or context is given, so i’m not sure what the documentation is actually telling me about UoM with MQTT. I’m referring to:

The words in the doc suggest this unit= parameter for a number channel appends the given unit to an outgoing MQTT payload.

That doesn’t mean it can’t/won’t also apply it to incoming state information, in the way that on= off= etc. are applied both in both directions.

Try it and see.