Mqtt help

i understand the basics behind mqtt. i want to use it to send ascii to a wifi relay. i have the ascii codes to send, and the static ip of the device. how do i define what the device receives? where do i put its ip address in? this is the device -

You only send data (publish) to the mqtt broker, there is no direct communication with the device, so the IP address for the device is not necessary. The device you are wanting to control then needs to connect to the broker as a client and subscibe to the relevant topic and then act on the data received.

Looking at the device you are planning to use, you may need to consider another method of communication instead of MQTT.

what should i use?

had i known about zwave b4 i purchased this, i would have just bought an aeon micro relay…would have been a better purchase.

I am basically doing the same thing that you are trying to acheive, but I am using arduino/ethernet boards to control relays using MQTT. I am also planning to use the ESP8266 WIFI device for applications that do not require the same number of digital input/outputs.

Regarding the device you have, take a look at the TCP/UDP binding. This may be a way forward.

ok, thank you. my only need for this one was 2 relays for my projection screen. next to tackle is my global tach ir. again, thanks.