MQTT import device topics automaticly into oh3

I have a question about MQTT automatic import of a MQTT device.

I have created on a MQTT broker a device that only have a webpage with NodeRed
Now i try to get the device into oh3, this can be don with “generic MQTT thing”
Only it takes a lot of time to get these topics into channels

Is there a way that oh3 creates for each topic a channel in the generic device.
If so, what has to be the structure of the device to get this done or what coding has to be in the mqtt device?


I have try to find the solutions for some weeks now and did not found the required information.


You have two choices, both of which will have to be set/coded on your MQTT device itself:

As far as openHAB is concerned, support for both these standards is provided by the MQTT Binding.


Thanks for the direction i have to follow.

I configured in mqtt a homie device, this is recognized as a thing, only the cahnnels are not recognized.
I look to all differtent exaples and cant find why the channels are not imported
Below mqtt explorer

Any idea what i am missing ?