MQTT installed and working, but not accessible from openHAB

Hi there,

I´m new to openHAB and I´m stuck…

Openhabian installed on Raspi 2, Mosquitto and MQTT-addon installed.

MQTT works fine; I can send information to topics from another machine ( mosquitto_pub ) and receive (…_sub)

mqtt.cfg is just:


mosquitto.log shows no problems

in the items-folder I have a file called system.items:
Number Garten {mqtt="<[broker:temp/garten:state:default]"}

I wonder in what place the information available in MQTT could be used/referred to from within openHAB.

Any help would be appreciated!


Not sure what the question is. Have you tried reviewing the wiki?

I had tried to work along the wiki but apparantly I had messed things up earlier.

So instead of trying to sort out things (could be impossible for a newbie) I did a fresh install and followed things to the letter.

I am not yet at the point of accessing MQTT, but I hope I got a better starting point now.

Thanks for the hint anyhow!


If using openHAB2, you would write


instead of