Mqtt is not working after v2.4

im using OH over raspberry pi3 ,esp8266 using MQTT after upgrading to v2.4 nothing is working
i tried to clear cache and tmp also allowed legacy and installed mqtt1 , unistall mqtt-bindings and install it again
every thing was working well before upgrading

this an example for what i got when i try to connect my window sensor:

[WARN ] [] - given new state is NULL, couldn’t post update for ‘WindowSensor5’

my home.items:
Contact WindowSensor5 “Window [%s]” {mqtt="<[broker:abdullahHouse/security/WindowSensor5:state:default]"}

If you continue to use the old syntax, you will need the mqtt1 binding only.

i uninstalled the 2.4 mqtt binding also and still the same warning

Do you get this warning only after a restart?
If that is all, I would think mqtt is working!

thank you so much it was a bug in my code :slight_smile: