MQTT - Mosquitto - Wemos ESP8266

I am trying to get data from a Wemos controller and controlling a couple of LED’s on that same controller using MQTT.
So far I can subscribe to the data from mosquitto and also send commands with mosquitto and everything works. Now I’m trying to get to the next step and make openhab receive this data and send the commands.

Here is the commands that I am sending via terminal to control my LEDs
mosquitto_pub -h -t ledControl -m “00” //This command will turn led0 off
with the following as possible message
"00" = turn led0 off
"01" = turn led0 on
"10" = turn led1 off
"11" = turn led1 on

Here are the commands that I am sending to subscribe to the various topics that my controller is publishing to.
//The first command will subscribe to the topic ledState0 and show me every update I’m sending from my controller which is set to update every second for now.
mosquitto_sub -h -t ledState0
mosquitto_sub -h -t ledState1
mosquitto_sub -h -t currentTemp
mosquitto_sub -h -t currentHumidity

What do I need to do in openHAB to subscribe to the topics ledState0, ledState1…
and what do I need to do to publish the message “XX” to the topic ledControl?

Hopefully I’m at least in the right direction. :slight_smile: