MQTT -> Openhab 3.1 -> Item -> Web GUI Display

Sorry IF this has really been solved… I tried to locate my exact issue.
Previously on OH v2.5 I had a secondary Pi reading DS18B20 sensors. Using python and Node-Red, these would post the Topic(s) of frontporchtemp, greenhousetemp, garagetemp, garageattictemp, etc. Somehow I was able to view these in the Phone Gui as well as the WEB Sitemap.
These are currently showing up in the even log as:
“mqtt:broker:1393655bf6:greenhousetemp triggered 90.9”

My issue is that I seem to be having issues connecting the Thing to an Item then onto the Sitemap Page. I used to use Code for the Items and Things in v 2.5 but am REALLY trying to utilize the GUI features suggested for OH 3. Trying to link the MQTT Topic Thing to an Item gives me the “No Profile” error which, even after trying to read about profiles, confuses me… at least how to add that in the GUI. I think I even tried to just create my item in the Code section of adding the Item… but still am unable to pull the Topic value into the Sitemap or Phone App.
If someone understands what I am doing incorrectly OR has a suggestion or solution, this would be MUCH appreciated.
Making the transition from OH 2.5 to OH 3 has been more than I anticipated. Please know that I am not Knocking the Devs on this… OH is a GREAT product and my only desire is to understand the preferred methods for its use a little better.
Thanks All!!

That looks like the kind of message you would get if you configured your MQTT channel with trigger=true, which is no use for setting an Item state. Or,maybe you have configured channels on the broker, without any topic Thing. That’s just as useless here.
If only we could somehow see what your channel config was.

Thanks for the reply rossko,
Navigating to the MQTT Thing code portion, this is how I connect to the MQTT Broker and have added a separate channel for each topic:

UID: mqtt:broker:1393655bf6
label: MQTT Broker pi40
thingTypeUID: mqtt:broker
  publickeypin: false
  lwtQos: 0
  clientID: openhabID
  keepAlive: 15
  secure: false
  certificatepin: false
  password: The PW that connects to the Broker
  reconnectTime: 600
  qos: 0
  port: 1883
  host: My IP is Here
  lwtRetain: true
  username: my User is here
  enableDiscovery: true
location: Garage
  - id: frontporchtemp
    channelTypeUID: mqtt:publishTrigger
    label: frontporchtemp
    description: ""
      stateTopic: frontporchtemp
      separator: " changed to "
  - id: garagetemp
    channelTypeUID: mqtt:publishTrigger
    label: garagetemp
    description: ""
      stateTopic: garagetemp
  - id: garageattictemp
    channelTypeUID: mqtt:publishTrigger
    label: garageattictemp
    description: ""
      stateTopic: garageattictemp
  - id: greenhousetemp
    channelTypeUID: mqtt:publishTrigger
    label: greenhousetemp
    description: ""
      stateTopic: greenhousetemp

For testing, on the frontporchtemp, I added a separator with the " changed to ". I recall this is what showed up in the event log on OH v2.5. But that didn’t work either.
Again, I see the topic and values come into the event log, but can’t properly add an item.
MAYBE this should NOT be a publish trigger Type.
Thanks Todd

When you add channels directly on the broker, you get trigger type channels. These are unsuitable for linking to Items. It’s rare that anyone wants these at all.

If you look at the many examples here, you’ll see topic type Things. These Things generally used to represent your remote MQTT devices/services. You may have many topic Things as ‘children’ of the one broker connection.
Each of these topic Things may be configured with many channels, each channel routing states and commands to/from openHAB Items.

Your broker is a “thing” and your other devices are other “things” connected to your bridge.

Add a new

Call it something like “MQTT in da Garage” Link it to your broker

Then you can add all the types of channels not just trigger.